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Commercial Practice

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Equine Legal Consultancy provides advice and support in relation to the drafting and negotiation of all agreements related to equine related activities, including the following:

Riders & Horse Owners

Sale and Purchase Agreements

This is one of the most common agreements in the equine. As a buyer it is critical to have appropriate representations, warranties and a defined and clear process of transferring ownership. As a seller, receiving payment and avoiding unnecessary liabilities are key elements that should be thought through. If payment is made in installments, appropriate collateral, including a lien over the horse, can be put in place.   

Horse Lease Agreements

If you are thinking to lease a horse there is more to agree on other than duration and payment terms. Having lease agreements is vital to organize the relationship between the lessee and the lessor and to define their roles and responsibilities. Think of injuries, cost of livery, insurance, whether you can take the horse to a different venue or participate in a competition. There are various other terms that need to be clearly defined to avoid potential disputes and disagreements.

Consignment and Agency Agreements

If you trust someone on the sale of your horse because of his/ her experience and contacts there is nothing more important than having a proper consignment agreement in place. The agent selling the horse has a legal and fiduciary responsibility and duty towards the owner of the horse. In the absence of a contract the seller, agent and buyer may face risks that could have been easily mitigated through contractual arrangements.

Training Agreements for Horse and Rider

This is an area that is neglected by many trainers and riders. The benefits and risks of this agreement are often realized when something goes wrong to the horse or rider. Having an agreement is important to outline the trainer’s responsibilities and liabilities towards the rider and/or the horse. It also secures the rider’s payment obligations and expected responsibilities during training.

Transportation Agreement

Horses can suffer injuries and be victims to unexpected circumstances and accidents during transportation, whether domestic or international. In both cases, it is advisable to have insurance in place and review the terms of the agreement with the transporter. Usually, domestic transport of your horse within the UAE is not covered by insurance. This is where an agreement with the transporter is key to guarantee safe transport and to define remedies in the events of unfortunate accidents.

Boarding Agreements

Have you decided at which farm, club or facility your horse is going to be boarded? Boarding agreements are essential to organize the relationship between you and the hosting venue, whether it being a farm, stables, club or a facility. Most farms or clubs tend to have standard agreement largely in their favour but there is always room for negotiating better terms to preserve your interest and conclude a more balanced agreement.

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 Teams & Groups

Team Agreements

Whether you are forming a polo team or participating in a group show jumping competition or any other equestrian team it is important have an agreement in place to ensure that all team members understand their roles, obligations and entitlements. We work closely with our clients to ensure that arrangements among team members are clear and properly documented.

Syndication Agreements

Syndication agreements have become more and more popular in the last three decades. They are commonly used to allow a group of people or entities to own stallions, broodmars and racing and show jumping horses. These agreements can be complex.  The interested parties do not share risks and expenses, but also income and appreciation in value. Parties may have different levels of subscription in the syndicate. Therefore, decision making and governance have to be tightly regulated to ensure a smooth operation or the syndication. 


Facility Use Agreements

If you are planning to use a facility for a particular purpose like training your horse or breeding then special terms apply as to the relationship between you and the owner.

Breeding Agreements

Breeding agreements can be simple or complex depending on what is expected from the stud or farm. Similar to other agreement, having terms that specifically set out expectations reduces the chance of misunderstandings and disputes down the line.

Stallion Lease Agreement

Stallions are usually leased for breeding purposes. It is common to lease a stallion multiple times to different parties in one season. A stallion lease agreement regulates all aspects of the lease including care, safety and livery related aspects of the stallion as well as payment and other key terms.

Agreement for Lease of a Mare

If you are leasing a Mare for a breeding purposes it is always advisable to have proper terms that guarantee your rights and ensure that you will have a healthy foal that fulfils your goals.

Service Providers

Service Providers

The Equine industry involves plenty of service providers, who in most cases provide their services upon a request made whatsapp messages or emails. The consequences that might arise out of providing the relevant service are not though through. The best approach is to have an agreement with your service provider to make sure all parties are meeting their commitments.


Equine clinic forms and agreements

If you are planning to visit the UAE or another country in the region to provide clinical services for a certain period of time it is important to make sure that you have all forms and agreements in place before your arrival. There are various points that you need to take into account to avoid any issues with the host facility and with your clients.

 Unique Experience 

Require Legal Support?

Each agreement  is specifically tailored to address the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Each document you sign is important. For example, you are often asked to sign Release and Hold Harmless Forms which are used by different parties in the equestrian field such as riding schools, clubs, trainers, clinics and vets. It is very important to read these forms before signing them. Liability cannot be excluded in certain cases such as negligence, misconduct or fraud. It is strongly recommended to get legal advice before signing these forms.

In case you looking for an agreement or legal document which is not listed above? Rest assured our team is well experienced and will be able to support you. Please do contact us to discuss the details of the transaction or arrangement. 

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