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Setting up a Business 

There are various options, activities, types of legal entities and free zones. Cost and requirements vary. Making the right choice of how and where to set-up your business is not straight forward.

The team at Equine Legal Consultancy will help you set up your business by advising you on the best corporate set up that will suit your equine activity and business needs in the UAE. There are various options which limit the exposure of owners to potential liabilities.  We can introduce you to local servicea agents who are usually required to be appointed in relation to certain types of companies.

There are various free zones in the UAE. We will advise you whether a free zone company is suitable for your business activities and help you determine which free zone is the most feasible option.

Joint Ventures & Acquisitions 

If you are setting up your business with other shareholders it is important to consider how the business will be managed, financed and run once it is established. Governance and decision making in addition to other areas such funding, capital injection, exit and sale of shares and dispute resolution can be best addressed in a shareholders’ agreement. 

If you are planning to acquire an existing business we will assist in conducting due diligence, drafting sale and purchase agreements, shareholders agreements and implementing the acquisition.


There are various compliance requirements and ongoing reporting and filings that companies must comply with. The team at Equine Legal Consultancy can continue to assist you once your business is established.

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 Experienced Team

Local Knowledge 

Setting up a business is exciting but can be challenging. Start it in the right way to avoid unforeseen issues down the line. Partnerships are important but they often end up in disagreement and misunderstanding if  the are not properly documented. Get legal support now to avoid issues and disputes in the future!

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