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I have held various senior positions, worked in different areas of law and founded other businesses in the UAE. I've always been passionate about the equestrian world. I grew up loving horses and equestrian sports. 

As a lawyer and horse owner being passionate about equestrian sports, I have recognized the need for a legal framework that regulates this field in the UAE and the broader region. I have founded Equine Legal Consultancy as a specialized law firm  to support equestrians and develop the legal aspects of the equestrian industry in the UAE and the region. 

The vast majority of deals and transactions are currently done on the basis of simple hand shakes and verbal commitments. Simple and complicated equestrian arrangements are concluded daily without taking into consideration their legal risks and implications and the need for having agreements and proper arrangements in place. While this results in speedy conclusion of deals it often results in issues and disputes that may end up in court and incur significant liabilities.

I strongly encourage seeking legal advice and support when it comes to your equestrian related activity no matter whether you consider it simple, straight forward or complicated. In most cases, simple activities are the ones that end up with  issues and liabilities down the line.

To all of you who are involved in the equestrian field I strongly advise you to consider seeking legal support today as it is never too late. Define your goals now and decide how to preserve your interests, mitigate potential liabilities and avoid unnecessary cost.

Maisa AlSaidi

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