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What We Do

Initial Consultation 

Understanding you needs and establishing your goals is our top priority 

Detailed Analysis

Our team has the expertise  to provide added value to your business and transaction. 

Tailored Approach

Our work, advice and legal documents will be tailored to address your needs and achieve your goals.


Whether it is a simple question or a litigious or complex matter confidentiality is one of our key principles.  

Initial consultancy can be provided through phone calls, online appointments or meetings. Book your appointment now by contacting us or booking an appointment online 

The equine industry involves high risk animals that can endanger human lives in certain situations. It is always advisable to get an agreement drafted, negotiated and explained by a lawyer who is familiar and has enough experience in the equestrian field.

 Each and every transaction is unique and shall be tailored to each client’s needs. Using standard online templates can be risky and result in various complications, especially when contracting parties are based in different jurisdictions. A minor error could cost you a great loss. 

We advise clients to maintain and provide all documents, agreements, emails, reports, photos and any document that can be useful in relation to the consultancy, potential claim or settlement of a dispute.

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