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Equine Legal Consultancy Expands its Team

Equine Legal Consultancy is pleased to announce key appointments to its team of legal consultants to support the firm's growth and expansion. The new members of the team bring a wealth of experience in sports, media, commercial and corporate law. They have held various senior positions across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and have worked for international sports governing bodies, arbitration centers, international law firms and multinational organizations. The signing of the new members will strengthen the firm’s position as one of the leading equestrian law firms in the region.

The new members of the team are Alishia Chotu, Angelos Zavolakis, Sandra Rebeiz, Nicole Jeanine Petras, Clive D’Souza and Uche George Egbe. Click here to view their full profiles.

In view of the firm's objective to serve its clients and meet their demands in equestrian related matters and broader range of areas, Equine Legal Consultancy will soon become part of eQuest Law, an innovative law firm established in the prestigious Abu Dhabi Global Market. eQuest Law will provide specialized legal services in Sports, Media and Technology. A separate announcement will be made in due course.

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