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Equine Law in The Era of Covid 19

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Whether you are a rider, stables' owner or trainer the current crises has affected you in a way or another. Financial constraints, contractual commitments and inability to carry out training and regular activities are very challenging circumstances.

Have you considered the legal implications of Covid 19 on your business or equestrian related activities?

This is the time when you look into your files and paperwork and check your contracts to understand your contractual commitments and reliefs. Having well drafted contracts that anticipate the worst is what you ideally need! Invoices, verbal understandings and arrangements concluded over emails do not help in these unprecedented times.

Check force majeure clauses, payment terms, termination rights and other terms and conditions! Each contract has been designed for a purpose and would have different variables to consider. Getting support from an expert is important and would save you time and money!

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